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Mike McVey is a wonderful contractor.   He just completed an extensive remodel on our 1939 trilevel home in Albany.   It included seismic retrofit, kitchen expansion and remodel, second bathroom, major electrical upgrades, and a 2nd story deck.  He broke the entire project down and individually priced the various stages so we had a good idea of the cost, and stayed within budget.   He was knowledgeable and creative with all aspects of construction.  

Mike carefully listened to us to ensure our satisfaction with the final product.  For example, we wanted to reuse our granite countertops and cabinets.   Mike figured out a way to do that.  His work crew shared his sense of wanting to do the job right and were polite and considerate.    This made it possible for us to live in the house during construction. Mike was open to reasonable changes during the course of the project.  The subcontractors that he uses are equally committed to quality work at a good price.   We highly recommend him for any project, large or small.   

Bob and Simone, Albany, CA

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"I  highly recommend Mike McVey as a general contractor. He did a fantastic job installing a new maple floor in my place. He pays attention to detail and produces high quality work."

--Andrea, Oakland


"Mike is good to work with --he is green, design, and cost conscious. He repainted all our upstairs rooms and refinished all the upstairs floors. Mike helped us pick out great colors and had good suggestions about how to make the space more livable.  It led to my getting an office using recycled wood to make a built in desk and shelves - something I had not originally planned on. He also arranged for an energy audit for the house and talked us through the alternatives for lowering energy costs. I highly recommend Mike as a general contractor."

--Zac and Darien, Berkeley

"I needed to replace a pressure valve, and of course it was early on a Saturday morning, so I called a 'nationally advertised' plumber, who came out and gave me a quote for a huge amount. I called Mike before I sent the guy packing, and Mike said he'd do it for a lot less. He did it for a fraction of the cost quoted to me by the plumber, and I had water by mid morning.  Later, I needed a new fence in the front of my house, so I asked Mike to build it. We came up with the design collaboratively--one that is to scale and suits the house, and keeps pets out and still feels welcoming and open. Mike's work is thorough, well executed, and built to last. He was able to keep the cost down without compromising design or quality. He is neat and efficient in his work. I highly recommend Mike as a contractor and builder."

--Katie, Berkeley

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