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A Missouri native, the owner, Michael McVey learned the fundamentals of remodeling and construction in Kansas City, Missouri, where he purchased and extensively renovated a small Victorian home while living in a lively turn-of-the-century neighborhood near downtown. 


Build It Well Renovations began in Oakland, CA in 2008, and has been in continuous operation since then, on a wide range of projects from small job service calls to major structural restorations – managing projects intensively with a small number of highly committed tradespeople and subcontractors. 


A contractor's education never ends, and as Michael and his team continually develop their understanding by researching solutions to the various problems they find in the clients' homes. The best fixes are not always the most expensive ones, but they precise. 

Michael has been deeply influenced by the design philosophy of distinguished bay area architect Christopher Alexander, who defined the characteristics of great buildings 

Michael's previous professional experiences prior to becoming a contractor involve working as a college writing instructor at three different institutions, and as an English language teacher in inner city Chicago and Caracas, Venezuela. He holds a B.A. in English Literature and M.Ed. in Secondary Education from the University of Missouri--Columbia.

Michael can be seen frequently around the Bay Area with his wife and two children. When they are not tending to their pet goats, they can be found watching birds, hiking, and going to museums and restaurants that make this such a great place to live. He likes to read and write.

Serving the East Bay since 2008

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